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JCA exists to maximize cultural exchange between Jamaica and the US. The motto for Jamaicans is “Out of many one people”. As printed on the Jamaican monetary medium of exchange, it indicates the successful and harmonious blending of many ethnicities and cultures into one. U.S. currency also proudly displays “E PLURIBUS UNUM” which means “Out of many, one”.

Even the Los Angeles slogan “Together, we’re the best – LA” expresses this sentiment but actualizing the concept presents a daily challenge for us all. JCA envisions tremendous opportunities for establishing numerous ongoing and productive inter-cultural alliances. Schools, cultural and art organizations, in both Jamaica and Los Angeles, will be afforded greater growth advantages and increased outlets of expression.

What Makes Us Different?

We Are Curators of The Culture

We Educate

We engage in educational initiatives to foster an appreciation for diverse cultural expressions, traditions, and histories.

We Preserve

As curators, we are dedicated to the preservation of cultural artifacts, traditions, and practices that define our identity.

We Facilitate

We connect communities, artists, and enthusiasts, facilitating the sharing of ideas, stories, and artistic expressions.

We Promote

Through events, exhibitions, and digital platforms, we amplify the voices and expressions that make our culture unique and dynamic.



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