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Scholarship Fund

About the JCA Scholarship Fund

Jamaican Cultural Alliance (JCA), is programmatically structured to facilitate the development and enhancement of literature, education, music as well as the visual and performing arts. The general goal of the JCA is to promote the best of Jamaica – its people and their multi-faceted lifestyles – in order to clarify and enhance the image of Jamaica and the Caribbean at large.

In further pursuit of these goals, we are collaborating with two institutions to support deserving students needing financial aid to achieve their educational goals.

Montego Bay Community College

Montego Bay Community College is a dynamic tertiary institution in Western Jamaica meeting the needs for effective, efficient, and economical delivery of quality tertiary level education. The institution has four academic departments offering a wide range of programs ranging from Diplomas, Certificate Programs in Business, Computer & Technical Studies, Humanities as well as Hospitality, Health & Creative Studies to Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees.  The college is comprised of two campuses; the main one is located in Montego Bay, St. James and the second in Frome, Westmoreland.

Members of the board of directors of JCA have firsthand knowledge of the brilliance and ability of many of these students as well as the impact that a scholarship has in changing the lives of these students.